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New Ultimae-like music

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Well, since Connect.Ohm and the great Circular album, it is pretty silent from their front... lots of the latest releases were also less good as before imo (latest Asura & Aes Dana), so I was wondering...

Where can I find more Ultimae like ambient of last few years? So, very atmospheric, IDM influenced, deep, still melodic stuff... no Altar/world music influenced stuff... It can be pure electronic to the bone :D I want more... :)
Ambient freaks, speak! :)

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You should be knowing these already, but anyways:


These are the few that I very much enjoy, more than Ultimae records stuff.


Krusselldroff - fractal world, (Ektoplazm)

Phobium - Oort Cloud, (Ektoplazm)

Prose Edda,

Folktronica - Kurbeats.(Ektoplazm) - Nothing comes closer to this one.


On the darker front.

VA - Through the afterlife (Ektoplazm) GEM!!

VA - Connundrum Concoction


Pauleye posted a biiiig list of ambient/downtempo albums in the Psytrance in its entirety thread. You might be interested in checking that out.


Edit: I completely forgot this

Hinkstep - out inner space.

Koan - way of one

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Thanks for the suggestions... most I know, but not all, I will check them out! :)

But Makyo, well, its the OPPOSITE of what I am searching, that is pure ethnic ambient :P

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Well Ultimae has generally become a little bit cheesy for me, still good music though.


Voices from the Lake - Voices from the Lake



This is an absolute masterpiece




Neel - Phobos



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Found this band as I was looking for artists similar to Carbon Based Lifeforms -- they are in fact not that similar, but the music is quite awesome:



StrangeZero - Etherhead


Be aware though, they don't only make ambient.



StrangeZero - The Herb Garden


But who checks them out further will stumble upon quite interesting visual / music combinations...

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Hi, and sorry about the sudden intro-less delurk, but I thought I'd suggest the now sadly defunct project Emeralds in this thread, as I have not seen it discussed a lot on this site.


A lot of what they put out fits OP's description pretty well in my opinion. They have some Krautrock/Berlin School influences, so you might get a bit of spaced-out guitar in some tracks, but it is mostly electronic and quite psychedelic.


I would suggest starting with Does It Look Like I'm Here?


Two fairly representative tracks:



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