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Artist: Cabeiri

Album: Self Insider

Label: Altar Records

Genre: Progressive PsyChill, PsyChill, Downtempo, Chillgressive






1.The Great Ocean - 07:03

2.The Bacchae - 07:03

3.Unknown Sources - 10:38

4.Matter's Morphology - 09:20

5.Night's Lair - 6:46

6.The Mythical Horse - 08:00

7.Self Insider - 07:23

8.Nothing to Fear - 07:58

9.Elliptical Orbit - 08:28

10.Eliconiades - 08:25


Three years after their album ''Inner Thought'', Cabeiri returns with their second album ''Self Insider''. Keeping the same soul of their previous work, the brothers duo Nickolas and Dimitris Vavalos offers a collection of tracks proposing a heavenly mood and deep dark downtempo groove. This time, the beat goes around 125 bpm! The result is an original twilight progressive chill ablum perfect to put the dancefloor on fire as much during the day as it does at night. Way more intense than we are used to hear from Cabeiri, this album is still profound, mystic and melodic.


In a perfect mastery of light and shadow, ''Self Insider'' travels through a whole range of feeling and emotion. Really grounded in a warm bass spectrum, the listener is also invited to enter in to celestial layers of textures. The strength of the entire ablum is in how it brings the listener to experience the nighttime of the consciousness while keeping them in an epic adventure... Epic! This is a great word to descripe the album. Inspired by the Greek mythologies, the tracks exude the chant of the muses and of the gods. It's as if one is always feeling a heroic story unfolding in front of them.


Track to track, we hear a mystical background chant leading the way as if a ritual was preparing. Like in ''The Bacchae'', in which a mythical lament develops a strange feeling of peace intertwined with sorrow. Or in ''Mythical Horse'', where a a crystaline femine voice shares the space with multi-layered spectra of warm bass and kicks. Or with ''The Great Ocean'', a sweet heartfelt ballad.


Furthermore, this album develops a cohesive strucutre of profound enigmatic sounds while creating a floating structure that brings the listener up to the sky. As in ''Elliptical Orbit'', a slow progression in which darkish tones open the way to melodic and airy harmony. Or the track ''Nothing to Fear'', a deep journey through a psychedelic soundscape.


In short, with ''Self Insider'', the Cabeiri brothers deliver again an original collection of tracks. Like no one else, they suceed to fuse deep dark downtempo vibrations with twilight construction. The first time that I listened to the album, I was not sure. A weird feeling of confusion trapped me. I was expecting an album in the same structure of their first ablum ''Inner Thought''. After a few tries, I let go of my expectations and really discovered the universe of this new album. I found it was a perfect compliment to ''Inner Thought'', but in a completely original way. Once again, Cabeiri has the merit to keep the soul of their music project going while developing it in an unexpecting dimension.



You can buy and listen to samples at:





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Glad this album finally got a review. I got introduced to a new heavy style of chill-out through this album . There is something about this album, probably the pace and the 'mystical' nature of the album as the reviewer puts it, that keeps me coming back for more. Everytime i hear it once more , i feel like im listening to another version of a track that i heard before. The best part is these guys believe in mixing it up which keeps it interesting for the listener 4/5

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First time I listened to this album I didn´t pay too much attention. It liked it but after listening with a headphone i realized how much I like it.

This is a dark, hypnotic album that takes you on a trip....

Very good and very recommended.

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