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Psytrance, creativity and 'psychedelicness' research study

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Are you a psytrance producer, DJ or just like writing psytrance tracks and/or mixing for fun? (Or perhaps you have written or DJd psytrance in the past but have now moved on to other genres?)
I’m doing some research into how people write psytrance music and what they think makes it psychedelic. Can you help by completing this survey I’ve set up? It is completely anonymous and won’t take long. I’m particularly interested in hearing from British artists and artists of different nationalities who reside and work in the UK, but if you’re from somewhere else in the world and want to take part then please do , as what you have to say will no doubt be really valuable too.

Just click on this link to complete the survey:
(note: if you don't complete question 10, the data gets thrown out, just in case you change your mind half way through ;) )

I’m a 2nd year PhD music student at the University of Sussex researching psytrance. The results from the survey will be used in my PhD thesis and I’ll likely use them in some presentations too. If things go *extremely* well, then they might even get a mention in a future journal article or book.

There is an information sheet detailing exactly what the study is about and what will happen to the information you provide in the survey which, I have attached to my blog. Please read and feel free to send any queries to the email address given at the bottom of the blog entry here: https://gemmafarrell.wordpress.com/2015/04/20/psytrance-creativity-and-psychedelicness/
or PM me on the forum.

Thank you in advance! :D

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