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"V/A - Shiva Space Technology Vol. 3

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Artist: Various

Title: Shiva Space Technology Vol. 3

Label: Digital Underground

Date: 1999


1. Tom - Joy

2. Cherouvim - Cyborg

3. Injector - Time Killer

4. Das - Paros 2000

5. Destination - Poste

6. Luminus - Project X

7. Cherouvim - Albert

8. Goldenfinger - Yam





"Cause in a 69 my humpty nose will tickle your rear!"



This is some corny sh*t right here.


Everything that could make you think that nitzhonot can be some goofy sounding music is well represented here. Repetitive eye rolling samples, the rampaging up and down arpeggios, and the changes in direction. I heard someone describe nitzho as goa on speed. Maybe, but goa doesn't usually use the slow down tempo as a prominent feature. No, I would equate it to goa's flamboyant and much gayer cousin. This is full-on Patrick Stewart facepalm music as far as I'm concerned. Not Nitzho's proudest moment.


No I got it...Know what this is? A daycare run amok. The kids have tied up the adults and it's an endless loop of fart jokes , boogers on fingers, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. How the f*ck can you take this organ grinder music seriously? I'd dropkick the monkey turning the crank on this sh*tshow if I didn't think PETA would sue me.

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