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Djantrix - Twisted Reality


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Twisted Reality

Digital Om


1. Twisted Reality

2. No Side Effects

3. DNA - Djantrix & Spirit Architect



The two great tracks on Twisted Reality should be paired with the three great tracks from Spirit Architect & Djantrix's Liberation EP (reviewed here). Stylistically they are absolutely identical, five tracks from three guys who are obviously having a whole lot of fun just fucking going-for-it.


The lead-off track can be disregarded, it is nothing special, just common full-on where the same effects, delays and sound structures are used, making it on par with so much that is out there from lesser producers.


"No Side Effects" shows Djantrix has some good talent of his own and the awesome power of Liberation was not just the result of the talents of the Spirit Architect duo.


"DNA" is a fantastic showing where Djantrix and Spirit Architect team again for another winner.


If all you pick up is this EP, well, great. Two out of three here are pretty damn good but it seems almost foolish not to pick up the other EP and increase the number of quality tracks by just over double.


Spiritually, neither of the EPs have much to offer. This is just pure body music, intense and wildly energetic full-on. If that's appealing then you won't want to miss these two (or five) tracks.



DJ Djantrix

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The collaborations with Spirit Architect, on this EP and Liberation, sound good. However, the Djantrix solo tracks sound pretty generic and still need work. I think he just needs more time to improve compositional skills.


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