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Nostromosis - Battle Times (Timewarp)

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(soon also on all other digital shops)


1) Nostromosis - The Gods Descended From Heaven
2) Nostromosis - VlaMen
3) Nostromosis - Kali-Yuga
4) Nostromosis - Nuclear Apocalypse
5) Nostromosis - Space Tribe Of Siberia
6) Nostromosis - Revival
7) Nostromosis - Voyager
8) Nostromosis - JeVo





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The samples are really good. The first track... so uplifting and positive, primarily as it progresses, the build up, the final act. I love it.

Oh I like the other tracks too! I love goa songs that aren't just ultra melodic but also have good direction, as these seem to have.


Thanks for the full track samples Nova Fractal!


Just before seeing that, I was wondering when the full tracks would be available to sample on bandcamp, youtube, etc., since they're usually out by now.


Update: Only thing I don't care for is the cover, too exploitive and twisting in context of something consciously aware. Aside from that, great music! Having a good cover never hurt anyone though. This one seems a little too loud for attention and not in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

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