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Spirit Architect & Djantrix - Liberation


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Spirit Architect & Djantrix

Liberation EP

Dacru Records


1. Liberation

2. Fluorescence

3. Full Moon

Forget the shitty album cover, try not to pay attention to the busy and senseless graphics going on there, try to look past that overly dramatic block lettering announcing the artists' names up at the top. This is not Israeli full-on masquerading with spiritual imagery while secretly making music for the fist-pumping guido who thinks its cool to wear his sunglasses in a dark club past midnight on a Saturday.


This EP deserves better than that cover. Granted, it's almost good but it does look like someone's pastel kit puked on the rest of this thing. And the dude in the middle...my guess is the graphic artist just ran out of ideas.


Spirit Architect and Djantrix do not run out of ideas, though. This trio of producers absolutely kill it where it matters the most. The Spirit Architect duo are Ovnimoon Records veterans and many, many moments in these three fiery full-on tracks they showcase exactly the sort of sound that landed them that prime gig to begin with.


These are three floor fillers, pumped full of energy, energy and more energy. Make no mistake, though, there is nothing derivative or typical about these productions. In fact, Spirit Architect and Djantrix use enough progressive touches throughout to add some nice variety, even the samples are held to a minimum but used effectively and all three tracks have awesome and tantalizing effects. Lest it be forgotten that these are made for the live crowd (though this is awesome at-home listening) they all feature great build-ups and climaxes that don't feel like you have heard them before.


The best place to hear this is out in the woods in the middle of an afternoon where the crowd is empowered from having killed the night and have no intention of turning away from the party at hand. This is peak-hour stuff - festival peak-hour, that is, when in the afternoon everyone comes out to play - when nothing surrounds you but trees and sunlight and familiar faces and ear-to-ear smiles.


Liberation is an EP that deserves to be played at those moments for those kinds of people. Great stuff on this one!

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