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Upcoming goa parties? (summer - autumn?)


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Hello fellas, I hope all of you are doing great.


I've never been so active before & maybe I should start posting more instead of just reading the threads :)


I'll be moving to Madrid next month thanks to a job opportunity I just got; and one of the things that make me happiest about it is the possibility of going to different parties around Europe (I currently live in America and have not been to Europe before)


I feel there are some big festivals around(OZORA, BOOM, Lost Theory) but I don't know anything about the small ones; and would like to ask for suggestions on which should I go to.


So, my 'utopian' festival would have acts like: Filteria, Mindsphere, Crossing Mind, E-Mantra, Ra, Alienapia, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Spruce, Ka-Sol, KoxBox, Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Prometheus, Derango, Fragletrollet, Enichkin, old Psykovsky, old Hux Flux, pre2001-Infected Mushroom, Texas Faggot, Cybernetika, Pleiadians, Merr0w, to name a few. I know some of these acts don't play anymore (I.M. for example) but these are the sounds I'd love to dance to on an open air festival.


Big parties like OZORA have some acts and styles that I don't mind/like. I will go these year because I love Simon, Benji & Raja acts, I've never seen Shpongle live and I feel it's an experience I must have, but I personally prefer the 'smallest' parties, between the trees at the forest, with everyone just loving and dancing to the skies.


I would love going to one like this, for example:




(was very sad because I wasn't able to go)




Do you know of any party you think I should go to? I'll be living in Europe starting next month and at least until July 2016


thank you so much for your time, I hope we can meet up some day:)

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Connection festival in the south of Spain without ANY doubt! Many of the acts in your list will play there and it will kick ass like never before... ZNA too

Also, Lost Theory if you like the Forest Trance! :)

And yes, Goa Balkan Fanatics was a dream... Hopefully it will happen again!

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