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Does anyone here know some active forums?


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Hello people! it´s been a long time since i was here, I think about four months. What are you people during, are you all okay? I am currently working at home again and trying to increse my income by finding more pages to work for and by thinking about more ways i can work. I have some plans for the future like buying a cheap house in bulgaria and renovating it. In Bulgaria there are some very cheap old houses costing 10000 to 15000 quid. Saving that much money is not such a big problem and can be achieved with some work. such ahouse can be renovated for several thausands of additional euros. Owning a house is a great feeling of protection and secureness. You know you have something and can do whatever you want in that place and aren´t afraid that you have to move away if you don´t have a lot of money. with some inspiration i may be able to find enough work to save it in relatively short time and then think about other things I want to do.


In the meantime I am looking for some forums where I can talk with other people about interesting subjects and pass the time. As most people from this forum know, I don´t have a lot of contacts here. I can visit a guy I know from Stuttgart, but that can happen one time a wekk and most and is not enough. I and that guy were together in a apprenticeship like course, but I quit that course because it was too exhaustive for me and most people were quiet different to me. The working day on that course lasted from 7:30 til 16:45, which was definatly too long for me. the course was occupying all of my day and Iwasn´t able to do anything else. Soe people may consider the working time ot be normal, but for me it was too long since the hours didn´t pass by quickly at that course anyway. Despite of being able to a few interesting people, the course wasn´t pleasuarable at all to say the least. I dind´t like it at all, and therefore I quit.


Nor I am working from home, but don´t have much social life unfortunately and want to sign up to some forums where I can talk about interesting and casual topics. I will also rethink my social situation and may start going to pubs or clubs from time to time. Still I want ot know some active forums where I can stay, does anyone know some? I will appear here more often aswell, but as it looks this forum isn´t the most active forum for some time.

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Hello Mr. Radi ! Glad to see you back :)


Sorry, I don't know any forum that can excite you, unfortunately.


EDIT : Or you can try reddit.com . They have a subreddit for (almost) every possible topic : cars, religions, food, debate, geography, politics, love, languages, etc. There are thousands of them. Just lurk around and you should find something.

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