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Bioterranean - Daydreaming EP


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Bioterranean - Daydreaming EP




Artist: Bioterranean

Title: Daydreaming EP

Label: Ovnimoon Records




01. Silicone Dreams (Original Mix)

02. Nothing of Privileges (Original Mix)
03. Let Me Fly, You Do Not Control Me (Original Mix)




Frankly, the only reason I wanna put a review of Bioterranean's EP here, is the second track "Nothing Of Privileges".

Where "Silicone Dreams" and "Let Me fly, you do not control me" are OK psy tracks, with some great samples ("the music just turns me on!" and something from The Matrix), I just can't stop listening to "Nothing Of Privileges".


The track is not very long (6m29s), what a shame!, but the buildup, layers of sounds, spirals, hypnotism, a final acid line ... it's fucking ridiculous.

And the bass is so tight, you can squeeze tits with it.

It's just over and out before you know it. And then you know you've just listened to a super track.


Bioterranean is Victor Solsona (part of Hypnoxock or Hypnocock as MdK refers to it, hehe). In my opinion he is better off alone than accompanied. This is a great EP.

More of this sir!







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And the bass is so tight, you can squeeze tits with it.




Good review! Gave this one a listen and was not impressed with anything on it. Did not know he was part of Hypnoxock but knowing that I'm going the other way and think he's better off with Hynoxock than without. Their music together is far more interesting and complex.

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