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Documentaries about electronic music


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Can anyone recommend any good documentaries about the beginning of techno/trance/electronic music in the 80s?


My girlfriend is fairly ignorant about electronic music and often when I play something she relates it back to Kraftwerk, as that's the electronic music she's most familiar with. That can be valid to some degree, but there's more to it. To me, relating all electronic music to Kraftwerk is akin to relating all rock music to The Beatles, which is a disservice to the contributions of later artists and the situations that surrounded their scenes.


I'd like to show her some good documentaries if I can. She's a musician herself so I feel comfortable that she'd get it if it was presented well.

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I find it that documentaries on instruments also give major insight into genres. If I can find it, I'll post the tb-303 and the a-men break documentary, though I'm quite sure you may be already familiar with it.

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