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Norma Project & Nature - Life


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Norma Project & Nature


Ovnimoon Records


1. Digital Age

2. Life

3. Moon Above The Sky

Another great one from Ovnimoon Records.


Teaming Serbian producer Norma Project with Nature (fresh off a co-production release with Ascent earlier this year, also from Ovnimoon) these are three patient moving tracks characterized by a slow-moving storm of deep rumbling bass, progressive-speed grooves and loads and loads of atmosphere.


In fact, all three tracks just drip with the stuff.


Whether you're into progressive or not, it's pretty fascinating to get to the second listen of this one and watch the unseen levels begin to reveal themselves, unlock their secrets to your senses. Each track is filled with layers, each with a surprising amount of depth, putting this well beyond commonplace progressive psy - the depth makes for emotional pools and levels of beauty not found much elsewhere outside of this label.


Which is kind of the point I'm leading up to. "Digital Age," "Life" and "Moon Above The Sky" are all very much Ovnimoon Records tracks, very professionally handled and delivered by these two producers. That said, this is pretty standard fare for the label, same-sounding excellence that will either impress or annoy if you've felt like you have done this EP before.


I fall into the impressed category.



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