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JBC Arkadii - Sounds From Tomorrow

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Artist: JBC Arkadii

Title: Sounds From Tomorrow

Label: Sita Records

Date: April, 2013


1. Trance Galactic Voyage

2. Cosmic Butterflies

3. Mantra Trance

4. Colours of the Night Sky

5. Flashing

6. Sounds From Tomorrow

7. Transparent Emotion

8. Teleportation

9. Spirits Dream


"If you come to me at this moment...your minutes will be come hours. Your hours will become days. And your days will become a lifetime."






I'm not sh*tting you this is the exact phrase found at the counter of every DMV location in the states. It's the one thing they do consistently well.


We live in a great time goa heads. Not just because we have porn on demand or twelve different flavors of 5 hour energy. Nope times are great when we have so many fantastic goa releases that some really great ones fly under the radar. This is Arkadii Tronets from the wilds of Russia and he's put his stamp on the whole nitzhogoa sub-genre. I'm the first on to call out nitzhonot as campy and corny, but he does a good job of keeping the frenetic kookiness to a minimum. He delivers fast paced goa melodies that make you want to dance like nobody is watching. It's music that looks different going into a break than coming out of it. It has that Middle Eastern vibe with a lot of descriptive layers. There will be one melody and then another sneaking in from the left. Mantra Trance will blow the doors off your Honda Accord so it's not lacking in power. Some might not be able to get past the laser kick, but I urge you to try, because the rewards are worth it. The sound is very clear so kudos to whomever did the mastering. I think it strikes a good balance between goa and nitzho staying true to both sides. Recommended.


One thing, the Sita Records website appears to be down. I think I was redirected to an Israeli site telling me it was time to get my license renewed.







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