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V.A. Digital Family Vol. 5 - compiled by Alic


Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds040L
Format: Compilation
Released: March 2015

01. Point - Tripolation
02. Frech And Koch - Deep Sky
03. Trilingo - Kalix
04. Flembaz - Lubrsune
05. Alic - The Host
06. Troy Polygon - Der Rote Stier
07. Mydä - Offtopic
08. Daäna - Nice To Meet You
09. Alic - What Is (Ben Rama Remix)
10. Simmetune - Endless Moments

For many years Digital Family compilation series is the most important output on Digital Diamonds.
Part 5 is compiled again by labelfounders Alic uniting artists from the first hour with fresh upstartes from the psychedelic and hypnotic techno scene like Ben Rama, Daäna, Flembaz, Trilingo and Mydä.

Alic accomplished their mission of compiling 10 wonderfull tracks ranging from deep and cinematic atmospheres over to peaktime techno hits.


The full release Digital Diamonds catalogue is available here.

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