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transition ritual (olschool/newschool goa trance)

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Hey guys,

...quite a story in this one.



01. Montauk P - Lizardman

02. Sykespico - Travel Full Moon Light

03. Man With No Name - Teleport

04. Computer Controlled - Physical Reality

05. Etnica - History

06. MAN - Hear & Nail

07. Encens - Shape Shifter

08. Chi-AD - Transition

09. Nexus Plexus - Born To The Purple

10. MAN - Manday

11. Hunab Ku - Children Of The Stones

12. Qiujan - Ritual Discipline





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Hahah yeah thanks marsh, tbh i think it's a quite good set too, as there's in fact some sort of story behind that exact track listing. ;)

Oh btw guys, i had to 'tweak' facebook a little in my world, so all 'facebook friends' are gone for the moment except Federico.

Nothing personal, no bad vibes. Feel free to get in contact with me in any way you like.



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