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Koan - The Way Of One

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1. Alone In Canoe
2. Eagle's Tale
3. Tears Of Thunder Spirit (Blue Mix)
4. Hanblicheya (Blue Mix)
5. Fighting With Unchegila
6. Dreamers Of Black Hills (Blue Mix)
7. Vision Of Star Woman (Big Deeper Mix)
8. Tribute For Hiawatha
9. Uenuku (Blue Mix)
10. Peta-Owi Hankeshni!

Well I logged in for the first time in 6 years just to post this! This album did not get released within the Psy scene, so I think it would be a shame if it fell through the cracks.

It's melodious, harmonic, rhythmic, emotional downtempo music that will take your mind and feelings for a spin. The whole album has a very definite style to it, yet each track brings something new and not a single one leaves me feeling flat, it's elation throughout. Ones that really stand out for me are 5 and 6.


I'm sorry if this review doesn't say much, but I lack eloquence to translate this music into words. You can listen to the whole album on YouTube, and chances are you will already buy it before you get halfway:



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Beautiful release!


The album is gorgeous and filled with positivity, happiness, hope. I love it.


Definitely worth getting. This is one of the best albums of the year. Some of the tracks are really magical.


Wonderful work Koan. Well done! You deserve more feedback and reviews, more than I have time for at the moment. Your releases contribute to spreading light throughout the world. Thank you.

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Label: Blue Tunes Recordings, BTRCD049

Format: CD, Album

Country: Germany

Released: 03 Apr 2014

Genre: Electronic

Style: Downtempo, Ambient


The new disc of Koan*, released one of the German psytrance majors Blue Tunes Recordings, reveals to us the wonderful world of North American Indians. Epic paintings, one after another just blown speakers by melodic, polyphonic flow with an incredible instrumental richness. You did not hear this from Koan, you have not heard of this anywhere. For sure!



* the review was written May 2014. I've lost access to it together with my notebook.



1 Alone In Canoe 1:32

2 Eagle's Tale 8:47

3 Tears Of Thunder Spirit (Blue Mix) 7:50

4 Hanblicheya (Blue Mix) 8:52

5 Fighting With Unchegila 8:29

6 Dreamers Of Black Hills (Blue Mix) 8:00

7 Vision Of Star Woman (Big Deeper Mix) 9:10

8 Tribute For Hiawatha 9:56

9 Uenuku (Blue Mix) 9:40

10 Peta-Owi Hankeshni! 2:06



"The Way of One" - is undoubtedly the best thing released by project of its whole history. This is not surprising - every next album Koan produces really, honestly, every time performing incredible - endlessly adding in skill. This album shows how close electronic sounds can come to the best orchestral works. On the basis of the most progressive chill-out basement composer writes a stunning complexity and touching melodic thread. They are also extremely accurately immerse the listener in some fantastic (does not really exists), but very historic, past of an entire civilization. To be honest, I'm not used to hear so much saturation, so much drive in the chill-out music, which usually draws the atmosphere with much more minimalist tools. Here in the album a myriad of sounds and dozens of synths, connecting and decay, creating a truly extraterrestrial dynamics. Every single moment with terrible force involves the listener into magical Koan universe.


Do not even know what to say about the technical performance. The level is so strong that no words of comparison, and it makes no sense to compare. One thing you can be sure with is anyone who considers himself a fan of chill-out and ethno-music simply must hear this. At least to be aware of how it happens. The unique style of the project again revived after the recent experiments with more dark sound. Unbridled melodic magic just grabs you from the first to the last track. The authors have learned to do well their albums diverse. Here in the album many different moods have taken their places. There is a place for the stunning touching sagas as Eagle's Tale and Tears of Thunder Spirit. There is also a place for anxiety, tension, almost experimental sound of Tribute to Hiawatha and Uenuku, and for heroic anthem Fighting with Unchegila. Crazy craftsmanship of tracks complemented talent compilation of CD. It always gives a huge plus to any disk of any project.


Koan is the sort of music, I always expect a lot. Because Koan is a brand and design, musical phenomenon and a pioneer of domestic chill-out scene. For more than 20 years of domestic and foreign listeners have the pleasure of hearing works of project. Each disc again shows the progress of sound, melodies, ideas and styles. Koan is a large-scale cross-cultural phenomenon. Together with Koan we have already visited China and Japan, Turkey and the Arabian sands, in Peru and Mexico. Koan discography is a whole music encyclopedia of ethno-music lover traveler, made with love and awe to the listener with respect to different cultures.


Today's world has unique properties that are revealed to us directly in real time. Yesterdays individual trends are gone. We are waiting for brand new global creative arts for global world! This masterpiece was made of three branches. Back in 2003 Americas TV was exploded by DreamKeeper the movie that became sort of impression basis for the album. CD cover also joins here some real art power. It is created by one of the Russian most impressive & famous landscapers.


To finish this review I have to recommend all of you The Way Of One by Koan. It is really original sound along with very strong production. Musical wealth and level of talent are too personal feelings for every person but if you want my opinion I will say that this album is great and original enough to place it on top of your wishlist. Todays chillout departments of large events & fests are full of smashing live-performances but if youre party dj and want to mix up some psychill pearls you should try your luck with this one. Everyone who consider himself as psychill & downtempo lounge lover must have this one for sure.

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