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Ion Vader - Expansion


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Ion Vader





1. For Deg

2. Ajjna featuring Root

3. Trip To Nowhere


A very solid EP with some great ideas, some great energy and some great results.


"For Deg" gets very old-school for its first three minutes. Actually, the track gets pre-old school, with Ion Vader playing around with some distorted echoes that sound like they could have been sampled from a Third Eye or FSOL album. When the track gets down to business it does so on a driving, dance-friendly full-on bass that works ridiculously well with all the fun goa effects and layers that are being pieced together. A great opener that never loses its focus despite how many different ideas and approaches are being utilized.


"Ajjna" is more a slow-burner but no less effective. Chirpy goa effects and intermittent crow calls (and one pretty cool lion roar at the very end) crop up between some fascinating chant samples, good tempos and more delightful layers. Nicely done when Ion Vader takes the brakes off late in the track and lets the energy spill forth for a moment or two.


"Trip To Nowhere" is a misnomer - this a trip to somewhere very fast! As conclusions go this one is a blazer, pure goa excitement through-and-through. Props again to the producer for keeping things very interesting as layers and elements are constantly delightful while the energy just inspires pure, blissful madness. A great wrap-up to a great three-tracker.


The Timewarp stamp always promises quality and "Expansion" does not disappoint. Not a single moment goes by where time is being wasted and while an initial listen is very easily understood and danceable, multiple listens make these three beauties very intriguing to study and savor.



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