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Faxi Nadu - Korg Electribe ES1 Sampler / Sequencer Review

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Taking a look at the Korg Electribe ES-1, a cool and grungy sequenced sampler that is fun, and intuative. Experimental, psychedelic and glitch fans - watch this and go grab one :)


Please subsribe to our channel if you like our vibes.


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Yup. I'm allowed to critique aren't I? I find his manner abrupt & difficult to follow. His presentation style is not particularly succinct & his set up is such a mess it distracts from the product on show.


If you don't want to be critiqued then you shouldn't put yourself out there.


I'm sure he's a nice bloke irl & I enjoy his tunes a lot. I just don't find his reviews/videos to be that great compared to others.


As stated:


A clear presentation space so that focus can be on the product is needed.


A clearer maybe pre written presentation that is simple and to the point helps as well.


just my thoughts.

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hey balance, fair enough and i get what you're saying BUT realise we are doing these on the fly and in our own little cave while we work on stuff. we're not trying to get you to buy something, all this started reaslly as a way to show some of our partners overseas some of what we do with our gear and we started running with it and doing a bunch. so many "reviews" you see on sites that are "professional" are just disguised product placements. like us or hate us, at least we're "real" :)


personally, i can't stand sterile studios. not that we are daring to compare, but i highly doubt da vinci's studio was all neat and organized and sterile :)


nverthaless, in the future we will try to take at least some of your critique and apply it... but hey, you're still free to not stand us :)

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also wanna mention some stuff i didn't mention in the review:


- you can use the effects like an effect box, routing audio into them and out.

- you can load the es1mkII operating system into the first gen es1 and it works! it turns the es1 into a mkII.

- the internal samplerate is 32000k, not lofi but very crunchy, to me in a good way.

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