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Dhamika - Energy Flow


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Energy Flow

Altar Records


1. Energy Flow

2. At Night I Fly

3. Mental Laws

4. Coexistence

5. Scientific Mysteries

6. The Real Substance

7. Soul Vision

8. By The Lighthouse


This one is an absolute beauty.


For seven gorgeous tracks Dhamika does some top-shelf psychedelic down tempo, detailed exquisitely, with a good drive-forward that ensures none of the music ever becomes dull or chilled-out.


As for that eighth track, Dhamika offers up a chill-out closer that does not match up to the energy and precision of all that came before it. Unfortunately, it is not a very interesting conclusion.


And that's the worst that can be said about "Energy Flow."


From its fascinating cover art to the overall musical style, this is a fine companion piece to Cosmic Replicant's excellent "Soul Of The Universe" album from 2014. And that is not being said simply because the album covers are so similar. The music and vibe that both albums project forth inspire the same sort of awe and wonder as if they were made to be played together, as if spawned as siblings.


As on that incredible Cosmic Replicant album, Dhamika does a great job of delivering his productions in a silky smooth manner, no bumps or missteps in any of the music or direction changes,


I cannot pick a highlight from this one. Perhaps "The Real Substance" stands out because of its mid-tempo range, flirting quite nicely with a progressive psy edge, but these are all of the same high-quality throughout, each offering up something delightful when their turn comes around. They are just too damn good and deserve to be played together as a bunch where they weave a delicious spell, compelling if used as background music, fascinating if studied for its details and textures.


Whereas Cosmic Replicant took his creations into an exploration of outer space, Dhamika takes the journey to within. There is no question he feeds the soul very well with these gems.


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