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Artist: Various

Title: Remixed

Label: HOM-Mega Productions

Date: April, 2005


1. Psysex - New Wave Hooker (Domestic & Pixel Remix)

2. Psysex - Altered States (X-Noize Remix)

3. Psysex - Come In Peace (Illumination Remix)

4. Psysex - L.S.Dance (Psysex Remix)

5. Psysex - Alien Cop (Eskimo Remix)

6. Psysex - High Times (Nick Remix)

7. Children of the Doc - Bionic Bong (GMS Remix)

8. Sex On Mushroom - Dirty 80's (Wrecked Machines Remix)

9. Psysex - New Wave Hooker (Violet Vision Remix)

10 Psysex & Star-X - Star Sex



"Would you describe, in your own words, what happened that night."


Who died?


The reason I ask this is because when this was first recorded as sold on Discogs back in 2008 (three years after it's original release) it sold for a paltry $5.66


$5.66. My kids can't get a happy meal for that. Now it's common knowledge that people on Discogs can be somewhat delusional when setting an asking price. Admit it...it happens. They tend to overvalue. For example there is a user that is asking for $53 for this mid 2000's Israeli full-on. C'mon that's just off your meds ridiculous. Udi's grandma needs to get back to baking cookies and stay off the damn internet. I know he's your bubbie, but he'll be alright.


However in November of 2014 it sold for $25. That's an increase in value of 442%. You don't get that kind of appreciation unless somebody is pushing up daisies. Trust me this Whitney Houston cocaine mirror is gonna put my kids through college.


Too soon?


So now I'm scouring the internet to see if Udi died and not appear like the biggest dick in the universe. Found his Facebook page and he recently celebrated a birthday so I'm guessing he's still of this Earth. Seems like a likable enough guy. But let's be honest this album is a compilation of Israeli full-on remixes that will stay with you about as long as dry fart. I would argue the cover is more well known than the music found inside. It's actually not that bad even though it's close to as full-on as you can get. I found it enjoyable in spots and really liked the breakbeat un-full-on Violet Vision Remix of New Wave Hooker. But an almost 450% increase in value?


Either one of these artists kicked the bucket or someone's about to go full-on OJ.



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