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V/A 10 Wonder Drops By ClockTail Rec Crew CLOCKCD003 - 2015

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Spring came, and then after it there comes summer, and together they descend open-airs & festivals season!

And yet the snow and ice melts and just begins to boil life and wake up in the vast expanses of our planet, our Ukrainian label awakens in this new life cycle after almost two years of silence, so, we proud to introduce You our new creation - an original cd, created out of 10 previously unreleased tracks, entitled "10 Wonder Drops", collected in the key of night twisted psychedelic trance.

Our 3rd Compilation includes the tracks from the well known artists from around the world, such as: Dissociactive, Shotu, Electric Mirror, Organic Hybrid, Module Virus, Smoke Ship, Whiptongue, MoLe, Pantomiman, Peace-Ka, RED. And we hope that many of their fans will find among these 10 drops its "right one", which will forever be remembered and will change our beloved musical world for the better state.

ClockTail Records highly respect every producer, psy freak, dj & closure friend who make support by promoting this and our previous releases. And want to speak warmest thankfull words to Slava Dissociactive for qualitive mastering, all label artists for their support & incredible music, which will be playin’ forever and change psychedelic scene in better way.

This time we are decided to print very limited edition, only 300 copies, for the true fans of the genre, so hurry up to get yours.

We hope that you'll enjoy the results of our common work.

Music is our everything!

Artist: Various Artists

Title: 10 Wonder Drops

Label : ClockTail Records

Media Format: CD, digipack

Genre: Psychedelic Trance

Catalogue Number : CLOCKCD003

Distribution : Beatspace

Release date: 06.02.2015

Compiled by MindWarp

Cover design by Ant Ti

Mastered by Dissociactive

Tracklist :

01-Dissociactive - Polzuushie Puziri [144]

02-Shotu - Looney Loop [145]

03-Electric Mirror - Gods Waiting Room [146]

04-Module Virus - Neurodrastik [146]

05-Smoke Ship Vs Whiptongue - Galactic Pilots [147]

06-MoLe - Squirt Addicted [148]

07-Organic Hybrid - The God Particle [148]

08-Pantomiman - Superloco [147]

09-Peace-Ka Vs Module Virus - Welcome To The Dark Palace [150]

10-RED - Laiman Beta [147]

you can find digipack & demos here:

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14 place in top 20 www.psyshop.com charts!

Out Now Only 300 Digipacks!!!

V/A 10 Wonder Drops By ClockTail Records​

listen & buy here:


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