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"V/A - Prana Remix Ep Vol. 3


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Artist: Various

Title: Prana Remix Ep Vol. 3

Label: Matsuri Digital

Date: December, 2014


1. Alien Pets (Filteria's Kami-No-Michi Remix)

2. Boundless (Skizologic Remix)

3. Alien Pets (Trinodia Remix)

4. Boundless (Nervasystem Remix)





Having reviewed the first volume in the series it seemed only natural to tackle another one. Missed the second one (on my way to Beatport as we speak) but the third volume gets two resounding thumbs up from me. Two of the best known Prana tracks get a makeover and they will be a welcome addition to your goa arsenal. Filteria and Trinodia knock it out of the park with their storming versions of Alien Pets. The Skizologic remix is rather low key, but still good. The Nervasystem remix cuts the tempo and has a funky, sinister vibe to it. It's all superbly done and sounds great. After being disappointed with Volume One I feel pretty good about throwing 6 bucks Beatport's way.





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