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Frequency Surfer - Respect

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Trance2MoveU    393



Artist: Frequency Surfer

Title: Respect

Label: Inpsyde Media

Date: June, 2003


1. Reaction

2. Elstir

3. Universal

4. Suspiria

5. Phenomenon

6. Heavy

7. El Bepi

8. Lucifero

9. Moonswing























Oh girl. Who the f*ck let you out looking like that? Your lack of self-respect is troubling. Those sloppy milk jugs could touch your toes before you can.


Ok then...sufficiently horrified?


Somebody please hand the gentleman in the back this wastepaper basket he looks to be ill.


This is Sebastian Claro who dropped this one album and then went on to govern the small country of Luxembourg. Maybe. Probably. Sh*t I don't know. What I do know is that before a life of possible political corruption and questionable soul singer blind dates his one and only album was a powerful mix of goa and psy. Not readily seen in 2003, otherwise known as the year before we were introduced to Suntrip Records. Respect is full of deep psychedelic thumpers with the aforementioned goa licks. The melodies aren't the elaborate kind like you would hear today, but the dark atmospheres and effects capably fill the void. Good album and just a cup size away from very good. I would say this is similar to the work of Fractal Glider. So if you liked his style of music you should check it out.



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mars    144

It's a good album, full of ideas, very psychedelic.

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