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Ephedra - Journey Through My Head


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Artist: Ephedra

Title: Journey Through My Head

Label: Goa Madness Records

Date: October, 2014


1. We Are Not Alone

2. Beyond Spaces

3. Crispy Biscuits

4. Souls In Trance

5. The Walk of the Little Green Man

6. Little Molecules

7. Experiments

8. Bubblized

9. Smiling Sun (2013 Edit)







Did anyone see this coming? Goa Madness Records is one of the new kids on the block and this label has had quite the beginning. Their first release was a compilation called Memories From Goa Madness. They played it safe and it was tried and true goa trance. Nah, it was better than that in this reviewer's opinion. So fresh off the success of that release they drop this bomb on us. This is the debut album of Alexandre Cohen and it is beautiful. So many swirling melodies and those acid sounds are verily delicious. Set your phasers to maximum twirling because this is a journey that catches you up and doesn't let go. Twists and turns abound and the sound is terrific. It's a full and rich atmosphere with screeching leads and layers of immeasurable beauty.


I'm sorry I don't have anything funny to say or silly gifs to post. This is just a fantastic release and rightly deserves consideration for goa trance album of the year. Superb job my friend.







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Very entertaining Goa album from Ephedra!


My favorites are:


Souls In Trance

The Walk of the Little Green Man



Absolute winner for me is The Walk of the Little Green Man. A swirling journey of goa smashed in your face with a beat that almost never stops.

Quality!!! :wub:

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Artist: Ephedra

Release: Journey Through My Head

Year: 2014

Label: Goa Madness Records

Cat-#: GMRECCD002

Rating: 4/5



1) We Are Not Alone In The Universe

2) Beyond Spaces

3) Crispy Biscuits

4) Souls In Trance

5) The Walk Of The Little Green Man

6) Little Molecules

7) Experiments

8) Bubblized

9) Smiling Sun (2013 Edit)


This album certainly got all the stuff you'd ever want from a Goa CD. Expansive synth leads soaring melodies and screeching acid layers. Solid album this one indeed. I prefered the tracks in middle as they had these really nifty flowing basslines, but the rest of the tracks are indeed really good as well.

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​That I'm finding out about now at least (better late than never) thanks to you guys!  


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Fucking amazing album. So many of these tracks have stood the test of time for me as I keep coming back to them. Beyond Spaces 7:07 is the coolest climax ever. That spinning synth in the background is increeedible.

The most wondrous part about this album is the fantastic variety. Every track tells a different story. Every track has meticilous craftsmanship behind it and we're totally flying over the goa/nitzo territory in a way only agneton could before, and his sound was always clearly more on the nitzo side of things.

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