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Maiia303 - Sky In Diamonds


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Artist: Maiia303

Title: Sky In Diamonds

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Date: September, 2014


1. Sunday Morning
2. Duality
3. Sky In Diamonds
4. Moonlight Pixies
5. Go Ask Yourself (feat. Cybered)
6. Universe
7. Atman
8. Neverland
9. Glory





Bored with goa trance and psy in general? Feel that you'll never get that fresh feeling again? Well here is a cool breeze from the magic factory known as Ovnimoon Records. Where the hell did this come from? Bird sounds, real drums, flutes, and a heaping helping of 303's? Maiia (extra I for interesting) is Alla Vagner and she has spent most of her career in the downtempo genre, but with this release focuses on a more progressive style with real instruments combined with old school melodies. And boy do those 303's pop! It's not aggressive, but more laid back. The combination of electronics and real world instruments is refreshing and gives the music a more organic feel. Sure it's not the first time goa has been packaged this way, but timing is everything. Aside from the uber happy first track the rest are tunes you can get lost in. Great stuff, you should check it out.


Hey, Renato put this on my wishlist!








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I've only listened to a few tracks of this album on youtube but I remember enjoying it very much. I really love genre blends and this album does a good job at mixing Acid stuff, with some Goa flavour, and progressive stuff. Would recommend it.

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Guest antic

If you like Peaking Goddess Collective or Flooting Grooves, get this one immediately! It's an interesting fusion of live instruments - guitars, flutes - and prog-psy with lots of 303 tweaking, which makes for really interesting tunes. Also, don't get scared away by 1st track, which is a bit cheesy - it gets much better later on, especially the ones written with CyberEd (#3 and 5).


Listen / buy here: https://maiia.bandcamp.com/album/sky-in-diamonds

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Artist: Maiia303

Release: Sky In Diamonds

Year: 2014

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Cat-#: OVNICD093

Rating: 3.5/5.0



1) Sunday Morning

2) Duality

3) Sky In Diamonds

4) Moonlight Pixies

5) Go Ask Yourself (vs Cybered)

6) Universe

7) Atman

8) Neverland

9) Glory


A well produced album, though unfortunately a bit short. I've checked up on the earlier work and it seems the Maiia moniker is for her ethno-ambient stuff and Maiia303 is for the more dancefloor oriented stuff.


It is rather unusual for this kind of music to incorporate acoustic elements but as that is the background from which the producer came it leans on a bit of traditional instruments and the odd bits of cultural ethno elements. Of course it has been done to great effect by particularly some of the more trancey Shpongle tracks for example (Tales of the Inexpressible and crystal skulls tracks), something this album is very reminicent of.


Unfortunately this is yet again an example where someone boxes themself in and seem to play by the book. Short dancefloor snippets with ethno tribal elements throughout, of course there is nothing particularly bad about the album but I get the feeling that something is holding Maiia back in this case. I don't see why she wouldn't be able to do a nifty 10+ minute live studio jam recording... the tasty ingredients for my ears are there!

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