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Anoebis - The History of Goatrance - 1996 (morning side)


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Goa is over 20 years old in the mean time. Time to have a retrodelic look! For this I dug in my huge cd & vinyl collection and decided to make a mix for every year for the period 1994-2014 to show the "new" generation of goa people how goa-trance evolved, and never really died ;)


This third mix is about 1996, mixed with 2 CDJ1000s and Pioneer djm300 (no lap top mixing involved!). It was a big treat, as many of the tracks are SUPER hard to mix. But I chose the tracks for their musical value, not for their mixing abilities. I hope I managed decently anyway :)This is the first of 2 mixes from 1996. This is the morning/sunrise mix, later on I will also make a "night" - more acidic old school goa trance mix! :) So, have a look, a listen and make sure to buy the music if you like it!


If you want to hear the mix of 1994, please download and listen on my soundcloud!


Finally, here is the tracklist!

1. Athena - Croctopus - Matsuri Productions

2. Koxbox - Fuel On - Blue Moon Productions

3. Astral Projection ft MFG - Radial Blur - Trust in Trance Records

4. Asia 2001 - Kalimba - Trans'pact Records

5. Etnica - Vimana (1996 live in Athens remix) - DAT Records

6. Blue Planet Corporation - Antidote (Pleiadians Remix) - Completely Cabbaged Records

7. Witchcraft - Whale - Matsuri Productions

8. Dimension 5 - Psychic Influence - Intastella Records

9. MFG - Maya Moon - Symbiosis Records

10. Charm - Psycho-Active - Tokyo Tekno Tribe

11. Psychonauts - Shadows of the Moon - Echidna Records

12. Power Source - Goaway - Matsuri Productions

13. Cosmosis - Deus (Benedictine Mix) - Transient Records

14. Underhead - Shubata - Koyote Records

15. Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - The Wave Inside - High Society


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