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Sky Technology - In Search Of Ancient Knowlegde (SITARCD11)

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Sita Records proudly presents....the first full lenght album from the master of Ukraine!


Baba, a spiritual Guru, travelled around the world in search of ancient knowledge
to find meaning for his visions. His journey took him through multifarious mystical and spiritual locations.
At the end of the journey he realized he myriad of knowledge was taking him toward the cosmos.
The visions took him further than he’d expected...

Release Date: 2015-06-26 :) :) :)









01 Sky Technology - Proto-Knowledge
02 Sky Technology - Babat Sink
03 Sky Technology - Crazy Mashins
04 Sky Technology - Sands Of The Desert
05 Sky Technology - Who we Are
06 Sky Technology - Aural Planet
07 Sky Technology - Broken Music Box
08 Sky Technology - Magnetic force
09 Sky Technology - Göbekli Tepe
10 Sky Technology - Babat Sink (Bonus Version)

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I see Penzoline made another nice looking artwork :) Can't wait for this one, it's been time to see full lenght by Dmitriy released. Full support Sky Technology and Sita Records!

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I'm not a huge fan of Nitzhogoa for home listening. The laser kicks, explicitly eastern melodies and high tempo are a little too in-your-face for my liking. It would be quite a different story listening to it at a party, with a full mind and body blast! Having said all that, I quite enjoyed this album :D


Sound design is excellent, there are a couple of times when the synths sounded quite alien, fresh and really grabbed my attention :lol: Magnetic Force is a good example of this. This is quite refreshing in a genre where you can often anticipate the sounds. Other tracks I liked: Proto-Knowledge, Who We Are and Broken Music Box. At some points I heard similarities to Merr0w, which I like.


Overall very nice release and one I hope to someday somehow listen to it on a big sound system :)

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Overall very nice release and one I hope to someday somehow listen to it on a big sound system :)

I agree. It was a hard decision to leave this out of my top 15 of 2015 because the year gone was such a bombastic one with excellent release following another excellent release, but this album is very good and I have been waiting for someone to make a review but @ Alek: your comment is a nice mini review :)

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