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Happy 15th birthday Psynews!

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Exactly 15 years ago, Children, young frenchman started goatrance.free.fr, which later became Psynews! For those who didn't know, it aimed at replacing a failing UK website called "TRiP" which was fo

Lets go for another 15years

Happy birthday to the best site in the world!   No seriously it is the best. Not even porn sites can match it.

Nice one, I remember posting on this website because the original " Third mind Trip" website which I posted on seemed to close down. I remember this website was a direct copy of that one. Nice to see. Deft has a more "Goa" feel to it.

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Lets go for another 15years :)

definetely. I will for sure be a long time psynewser, its my favorite place on the internet, no lies. [been here since 2006 in various shapes and forms]

And such excellent 'crew' and administration, much love for the whole psynews community, and the Goatrance community as a whole!


And to end with something extra-cheesy;



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Hey guys,


are you up for another meeting at Twisted next year?????? I guess they'll have a 20 year party, I mean come on, they've had one almost every year the past decade, don't think they'll miss their 20th bday. It usually takes place around the 26th of October when it's Simon's and twisted's bday. There's a traditional fait that I've been going to the past years up the Greek mountains, but I'll skip it for the Twisted bday!

I'm definetly not missing it if it takes place. The 2006 party, despite the overcrowding, was awesome in the goa room and also had some great sets at the main room (and some awful ones.... cough transwave cough, cough total eclipse cough). Of course it was an honour to meet a lot of the psynews guys. Some I've also met again at Younger Brother live, Shpongle live, Aurora festival Greece, in Antwerp at the royal tennis club and probably bumped at but couldn't recognise at SUN festivals 2013 and 2014.

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greetings and a late happy b-day to us :D



...is the 20 year Twisted party this year?

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Well, the 10th was in 2006....

i wish Flying Rhino, Platipus, TIP, and more, would do their very own special 20y parties.

like, they all had milestones in this year and the previous and the next, so all years now are valid for them to arrange something.

they should give back imo.

back then i owned ALOT of cds, aswell, so yeah.:P

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