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Electric Universe - 20 (1994 - 2014)


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Artist: Electric Universe

Title: 20 (1994 - 2014)

Label: Dacru Records

Date: November, 2014


1. Electronic Pulsation
2. One Love
3. Galaxia
4. Out Of Time
5. Online Information
6. Sunset Skyline
7. Spectral Blue
8. Meteor
9. Renania
10. Love Is Not A Crime
11. The Prayer
12. Journey Into The Subconscious
13. Mind Of God
14. Gajin Rocker
15. The Self
16. Solar Noir
17. Tune Up
18. Psycho Acoustics
19. Bodhisatva
20. Freedom



"And suddenly I was thrown into this expansive, amazing feeling...of freedom."




Boris Blenn doesn't have to do sh*t. He doesn't have to prove sh*t. Psytrance Jesus practically invented the genre that allows talentless artists to make crappy full-on and believe they're Tiesto. You could argue he and a select few paved the way for those who would come after, and that without him the genre wouldn't be the same. This album celebrates his two decades in the game and is a great cross section of his huge and impressive body of work. Beginning with his best goa selections like Electronic Pulsation, Galaxia, and of course Online Information. Then not unlike the entire scene at the time he took a nap during his more experimental phase with with tracks like Spectral Blue and Renania. This is where I catch a few ZZzzzz....


Then after a few selections from his awesome album Cosmic Experience each he supplants himself in full-on territory. And I don't think he's moved since. I'll chalk his Higher Modes album up to bad drugs, a vengeful hooker (we've all been there, am I right?) or a throbbing case of not giving a f*ck.


Once Boris released Cosmic Experience each subsequent album had the same style. Track names? Why the f*ck you gotta bring that up? At this point you either love where his music is or tire of hearing the same track ad nauseum. With his goa days long behind him this style of full-on is what he does and what the younger trancers know him for. The last track is from Journeys Into Space (haven't heard it yet) and it sounds even more cosmic and euphoric if that is at all possible.


This is a great double CD of material and an adequate representation of his musical catalog. I don't think you can go wrong with it especially if you consider yourself a fan of his later stuff.









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Great collection and very thankful for the remastering Boris did with his earlier material. As stated above, the full-on he's done is not anywhere near as good as his early Goa work. That said, though, I'd say he's 2-for-2 in 2014. This collection and "Journeys Into Outer Space" are both worth having with the latter being some very, very good full-on work.

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It's not an artistic masterpiece by any means but it is some really good full-on party music. It doesn't break any molds but it's far better than the Nano-esque full-on out there. Plus, no metal guitars in any of the tracks. It shows old Boris still has some good ideas kicking around in his head.

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After reading this thread, I wanted to listen Boris' latest album.

A few months ago, I already listened to it, but I hadn't feel much pleasure while doing so.

But today, I listened to it twice, and yes, it is a wonderful full-on album. It is simple, but very smooth and comfortable. It's like being rocked by the bassline. And the Goa touch adds an enjoyable spacey feeling. And it is really rare when I'm able to listen to a piece of full-on, but here, the balance is perfect.

Boris Blenn : Full-on Master.

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I wanted to like this album - the first CD sounds decent enough and there are some good tracks (although very much to the cheesy end of my tastes) on CD 2, but the naff guitars on Gajin Rocker and the appalling vocals on Tune Up mean it's a non-starter for me and I won't be buying it.

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Psytrance Jesus practically invented the genre that allows talentless artists to make crappy full-on and believe they're Tiesto.

Ha, lol ur the man :)


Btw. any info on the audio quality of the older tracks compared to originals. Today they sound a bit thin, guess he has corrected this here ?

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