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Ascent & Argus - Beyond Sight


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Artist: Ascent & Argus

Title: Beyond Sight

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Date: September, 2013


1. Rain In Chords

2. Beyond Sight

3. One Day In India

4. Shining Star

5. Indian Spirit

6. Whisper

7. Secret Temple

8. Melody Through Time

9. Inner Peace



Abbott & Costello.


Starsky & Hutch.


Rizzolli & Isles.


All fictional television duos that have absolutely nothing to do with this album. Well, unless they're lying on the couch in their footie pajamas firing up the Netflix and doing a little binge watching.





"Are you gonna even shower today? I asked you to take out the garbage 3 days ago!"


This brother duo (one guess where they're from) has put together quite the relaxing chill album full of melancholic pads and ethereal voices. I knew one brother as Ascent who makes some kick ass progressive, but I'd never heard of his brother. Mystical and mysterious this delectably slow and ponderous journey moves deftly between downtempo and ambient sounding at times uplifting and mournful. It's a very full and lush experience with a closing track that utterly blew me away. I highly recommend this digital release from the seemingly always quality Ovnimoon Records. It's simply excellent.





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I had a lovely time with this album over the weekend.


Lush pads, breathtaking, hair raising strings wash over every single one of these tracks. Some of the earlier ones on the album have a slightly slower pace, while some in the middle have a faster, more upbeat pace. It is brought full circle by the final track on the album, "Inner Peace" which is very much ambient, practically beatless. There are wonders behind these compositions, contemplative moments, extremely well crafted.


It might not be the most complex downtempo stuff I have ever listened to, but I enjoy its sweet simplicity. This would be a nice album to sit on a warm sunny day and just watch nature run its course. Highly recommended to those who like a softer touch with their downtempo music.

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