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Ancient tribe

VA Ethneomystica Vol. 3 compiled by Maiia (Mystic Sound Records, 2014)

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Ethneomystica Vol. 3 is a fresh and absolutely amazing compilation, carefully compiled by Maiia as a Christmas gift to all wonderful music lovers!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy the Mystic Sound!



01. Chronos – Kunilingus
02. Tsykhra – Colonization
03. Yestegan Chay – Air Force None
04. Maiia – Strawberry Lassy
05. Naturelement – The Holidayer
06. Juju Planet Dub ft. 3Duby – Kaleidoscope
07. Ishdub – Pequenisky
08. Radioactive Sandwich – La Muerte Peluda
09. Dhamika – Spiritual Beings
10. In Orbit – Nystart
11. Perpetual Loop – The Crowd

Release info:

Mystic Sound Records invites you to the mystical world of Ethneomystica for the third time. Ethneomystica Vol. 3 is a fresh and absolutely amazing compilation, carefully compiled by Maiia. Ethneomystica Vol. 3 is filled with bass experiments and light of far stars. Make a journey through the ancient Hindu temples to the rhythms of the modern megapolis. Transform your vision to the scale of the Universe.
The third part of Ethneomystica includes long-awaited new tracks from our favorite producers as well as opens new names to the world. Combining new sides of downtempo we’ve created an unbelievable mix of PsyBreaks, Dub, Bass and cosmic PsyChill.
11 tracks from Radioactive Sandwich, Chronos, Maiia, Yestegan Chay, Naturelement, Ishdub, Dhamika, Tsykhra, Juju Planet Dub, 3Duby, In Orbit and Perpetual Loop sound like a sole composition.
Enjoy this wonderful gift from Mystic Sound Records and don’t forget to share your feedback.

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Bill    85

The first two volumes are great, definitely looking forward to listening in to this one. There are some talented producers in that tracklist...


Edit: The Chronos track is sexy, it's a great listen on many levels, excellent start point for the compilation. I hope the rest of this collection matches up.

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