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Artist: Various

Title: Stereo Neferia

Label: MMD Records

Date: February, 2009


1. Rubix Qube - Grind

2. Broken Toy - Super Evil (We Want Your Soul)

3. Ignition - Electromagnetic (Khopat Remix)

4. Lost & Found - Insider

5. Zion Linguist - Stereo Neferia

6. Hiyarant - No Break

7. Damage - No Mercy

8. Zion Linguist Vs. B-55 - Insane Asia

9. Deliriant - Phase Me


"All I know is that I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy!"




MMD is another label from the twilight capital of the world South Africa and Lord knows you can never have too many of those. That part of the world seems to have a handle on how to bring the heat. Having released some really dark and heavy hitting stuff before I knew I had to get my hands on this. If you are a fan of the Timecode or Nexus Media style then this will be right up your alley. More pumping beats and dark melodies to set you a dancing. I won't discuss all of the tracks, but hopefully I'll give you a feel for the album.


You have an absolutely face melting and blistering opening track with Kieron's Grind and even though the next track is full of annoying samples it still hits pretty hard. I even like the crunch of the guitar. Lost & Found doesn't disappoint with his all out assault and seems to save his best tracks for compilations (although his new album is out and it's free!). Reminds me of older sHiFt work. The title track is a little weak, but No Break is exactly that as the acidic pummeling is unrelenting. Insane Asia isn't really that insane (Hiyarant took that title), but it's not bad. Closing things out is Shane Renew with a rather tame track compared to his two artist albums, but the last quarter is really enjoyable.


In closing this was very good. No track was terrible and the vast majority were very good. I can easily recommend this one.








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