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"V/A - Retrodelic Vibes Vol. 5"

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Artist: Various

Title: Retrodelic Vibes Vol. 5

Label: Avatar Records

Date: March, 2012


1. Z To A - Next Stop Oblivion

2. Earth Nation - Alienated (Earth Mix)

3. Laughing Buddha - Andromeda

4. Technossomy - The Joker

5. Mandra Gora - Wicked Warp (Remix)

6. Crop Circles - Different Species

7. Morphem - Montage

8. Jaia - Mai Mai

9. Domino - A Star Is Born



"I don't like uncomfortable silences."


Obviously. How about just plain old regular silences? Would that kill you? That would explain why you're prattling on over what would otherwise be a decent track.


Everything old is new again in our community and it seems every label has jumped on board this train. I'm not complaining; the goa trance from back in the day was wonderful so new mastering or a fresh coat of paint will always be appreciated. Avatar is one of those labels and this is the fifth chapter in their Retrodelic series. Police Academy, Nightmare On Elmstreet, Saw, Friday the 13th...all once proud franchises that had the life squeezed out of them until there was nothing left. Will this be the curtain call for Retrodelic?


I dunno. You're looking at me like I got the inside scoop or something. The market's hot right now for the old goa so normally I'd say nope there is probably more scraping we can do in that nutella jar. But this came out 4 years ago. Been awful quiet for almost half a decade.


The tracks here though are great. Well aside from the opening audio vomit. I don't know about mastering I only know what sounds good on my rig or headphones. And this sounds fine. Space Cat did the mastering and I gotta believe that guy knows what the f*ck he's doing. Classic goa that hasn't been beaten to death and shown up on every compilation touting old school bliss. The boom of The Joker, the melodic madness of Crop Circles and the silky smooth trance sounds of Jaia. So get rid of the bookends and you've got a pretty special trip down memory lane.








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