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ZNA Gathering A Retro Futuristic Celebration 2015

ZNA Gathering

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31/07/2015-05/08/2015 ZNA Gathering presents:

ZNA Gathering - A Retro Futuristic Celebration 2015

Location - Central Portugal - Barragem de Montargil

Celebrating the Full Moon

❖ Line Up (Live set) ❖

❖ Flying Rhino Rec / SE. ❖

❖ Iboga Rec / SE. ❖

❖ Midijum Rec / DE. ❖

❖ Flying Rhino Rec / FR. ❖

(Etnica & Lotus Omega)
❖ DAT Rec / IT. ❖

❖ Digital Psyonics Rec / AUT. ❖

❖ Flying Rhino Rec / UK. ❖

(Max L.& Maurizio B.)
❖ Etnicanet Rec / IT. ❖

❖ Tribal Vision Rec / FR. ❖

❖ Blue Room Rec / DE. ❖

❖ Zillian Mental Anarchie Rec / IT. ❖

❖ Tip World Rec / UK. ❖

❖ Phonokol Rec / IL. ❖

❖ Atomic Rec Rec /UK. ❖

❖ Organic Rec /UK. ❖

❖ Dragonfly Rec / UK. ❖

❖ Spirit Zone Rec / DE. ❖

❖ Shiva Space Technology Rec / DE. ❖

(Gus Till, George Barker, Dominic Lamb & Ronnie Biggs)
❖Flying Rhino Rec / U.K. ❖

►mc coy´s S.U.N. PROJECT
❖ Spirit Zone Rec / DE. ❖

(James Monro & Matt Evans)
❖Flying Rhino Rec / U.K. ❖

❖ Aurinko Rec / DE ❖

❖ Platipus Rec/ UK. ❖

❖ Dragonfly Rec/ FR. ❖

❖ Gnostic Rec/ DE. ❖

❖ Line Up (Dj set) ❖

❖ Spirit Zone Rec / DE. ❖

❖ Spiral Trax Rec / SE. ❖

❖ Iono Music Rec / DE. ❖

❖Flying Rhino Rec / U.K. ❖

❖ Hom-Mega Rec / IL. ❖

❖Flying Rhino Rec / U.K. ❖

❖Flying Rhino Rec / U.K. ❖

(Orion & Elysium)
❖ Iboga Rec / DK & Nova Zembla Rec/ DK. ❖

❖ Digital Psyonics Rec / AUT. ❖

❖ Zna Gathering / PT. ❖

❖ Blue Room Rec / UK. ❖

❖ Zna Gathering / PT. ❖

❖ Zna Gathering / PT. ❖

❖ Zna Gathering / PT. ❖

❖ Zna Gathering / PT. ❖

❖ Shiva Space Technology Rec / DE. ❖

❖ DAT Rec / CA. ❖

❖ Line Up Chill Out ❖


More Info:

Everybody wonders what ZNA stands for!

ZNA is the Zeoxyribonucleic Acid.
ZNA is a strand that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all Zambu living organisms.
It´s similar to what you may know as DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid.
But there is a slight difference.
Some of us have been exposed to huge amounts of psychedelic emotions back in the nineties, many of us in the famous “fluoresta do Zambujal”, where countless parties, and the 3 first editions of the Boom festival took place.
These people are referred to as “ZambujAliens” or “Zambu”
In this magic place and situation, many of us re-activated this extra link in our molecular sequence, and nothing was the same, ever again.
The Zambu share a ritual in which dancers are the main ingredients, and where it is all about the collective experience influencing the perception of the self and generating Love trough Art, Dance and togetherness.
The ZNA is the specific genetic code of the Zambu people.
The bearers of this genetic mutation have a special type of awareness and vibration.
This gene has passed on to many others, by direct contact with the special Zambu vibrational pattern.
The worldwide expansion of this genetic sequence has been the case for many studies.
Some ancient astronaut theorists believe this gene has come to us from outer space.
It has been with us before in ancient times, in all the rituals of trance dance known to ancient Man.
It was laying dormant for a few centuries, but it found us again…

This whole theory is what inspired us to breathe life into this concept, turning into a reality

Let us all reawaken our ZNA

BUY TICKETS - https://www.facebook.com/ZnaGathering?sk=app_130655400432417&app_data

Follow the news on our page -

Website - http://www.znagathering.com/

Or get involved and interact in the new Zambu group:

More info soon....

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Dear ZNA Heads and Zambu People


We proudly Inaugurate our new pre-sale ticket system. There you can purchase your entrance to this Gathering.


As many of you already know, this project exists and survives because of the communication power of social media. We are almost all directly connected through Facebook. We believe that we have been using this powerful network wisely, by focusing only on the people that share this same ZNA. We did not go for the obvious massive promotion of our event , keeping it's character intact .

We prefer to count on you to help us reach the right people. This purpose has been the main focus of our efforts since we decided to materialize this reality. So we rely on all of you to spread this special Gathering among people that share our ZNA.

You are the ones that make this gathering so special and rare.


As an incentive, when you buy your ZNA Gathering ticket, you will get a chance to become a official ZNA ambassador, and collect credit to use at the bar during the gathering!


The ticket sale phases and prices are:

Phase I - 65€ + booking fee(Sold Out)

Phase II - 80€ + booking fee (From the end of Phase I until 15 of April)

Phase III- 95€ + booking fee (16 of April until 30 of June)

At the door - 110€ All prices include 23% VAT tax.


The ZNA Gathering pre-sale ticket assures you:

-free access to the lake beach and venue.

-access to the musical programs starting at 06 pm on 31 of July and ending at 12 pm on 05th of August.

-access to the Camping area/Caravan Area and facilities.

-a personal ambassador link, so you can collect credits for the ZNA bars.


The gates will open on the 31 of July at 09 am and it will close on the 07 of August at 12 am. Any questions or doubts feel free to write to us - tickets@znagathering.com or info@znagathering.com


We will share ZNA, and it will be epic!


See you soon...



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Dear ZNA heads:

To be a volunteer at an event like ours is a real commitment and responsibility.

We are looking for a team of volunteers with an ecological mindset, who are willing to keep the gathering site clean for everyone.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this team, please send your resume, photo and a small introduction about yourself and why you wish to volunteer, to ecoteam@znagathering.com

We will then select the people we feel can responsibly help us in this huge, important task.

Thanks to all of you who have honoured us by showing interest in volunteering to work alongside our team. We are overwhelmed and touched.

We share ZNA

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Retro Futuristic Celebration - Mainfloor Program

1st day (1st of August)
18:30- 20:30 Tjak Live set
20:30 -22:30 Sergio Walgood Dj Set
(2nd of August)
22:30-24:30 Johann Bley(Live set)
00:30-02:30 Luna Orbit (DJ Set)
02:30-04:30 Dark Nebula(Live Set)
04:30-07:00 P_Mac– DjSet
07:00-09:00 Shakta– Live Set
09:00-12:00 Kristian vs Jean Borelii – Dj Set
12:00-14:00 12 Moons – Live Set
14:00-17:00 Anti –Dj Set
2nd Day of program

19:30-21:30 Shiva Chandra– (LiveSet)
21:30-23:30 Migas(Dj_set)
(3rd of August)
23:30-01:30 Xenomorph(LiveSet)
01:30-03:30 Alpha(Dj Set)
03:30-05:30 UX(Live Set)
05:30-08:00 Goblin(Dj Set)
08:00-10:00 ManMadeMan (Live Set)
10:00-12:00 MFG(Live Set)
12:00-15:00 Jaia (Live set)
15:00-17:00 Setidat (Dj set)
3rd day of Program
19:00-20:30 Auricular (Liveset)
20:30-23:00 Gus Till(Dj Set)
23:00-24:30 Technossomy (Live set)
( 4rd of August)
00:30-02:30 Darshan (Live Set)
02:30-04:30 Dominic Lamb(Djset)
04:30-06:00 Lotus Omega(Live Set)
06:00-07:30 Crop Circles (Special Set)
07:30-10:00 Solitare (Dj Set)
10:00-11:30 Slinky Wizard (Live Set)
11:30-13:00 Mccoy´s S.U.N. Project (Live set)
13:00-16:00 BIM (Dj set)
4th day of program
18:00-19:30 Union Jack (Live set)
19:30-22:30 Mike Maguire(Dj Set)
( 5th August)
22:30-24:30 OOOD– Live Set
00:30-03:00 Paulo Lopes - Dj Set
03:00-05:00 TIM Schuldt vs Four Cary Nuts (Live Set)
05:00-07:00 Psychaos(Live Set)
07:00- 08:00 Shiva Shidapu (Live set)
08:00-10:00 Shiva Joerg (dj set)
10:00-12:00 Blue Planet Corporation (Live Set)
12:00- 14:00 James Monro (Dj Set)
14:00-17:00 Atmos (Live Set)
17:00-20:00 Antaro (Dj Set)
20:00-23:00 Etnica vs Pleiadians (Live Set)
23:00 - ... (Surprise act)

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O M G.


* Blue Planet Corp - Antidote (Pleiadians LIVE 2105 remix) perhaps?!?!


* Crop Circles! ZOMG. I wanna hear Pentagon, and Full Mental Jackpot (Pleiadians Remix) Live ;(((


* Technossommy - Live 15 minute version of V.T.O.L perhaps? :o


* DJ Jorg - Spiritual Healing Remix LIVE?!



Well, I could go on.


Epic proportions and the hype is definately real..





Why god. Why did you curse me with such bad finances all my life that now at 30+ I have nothing but debt and poor income. Whyy. And a panicdisorder at that which requires me to find relief outside the legal forum ;( ;(

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