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The Music of Epirus a small region of north west greece lend their musical notes to Andrian Enescu former producer of Enigma, and pink floyd, and there comes modern downtempo ambient to hug all this feast of world music. Mogolian huun-huur-tu met the bulgarian voices there where the east music and musicians met the "black continent" music, with the sleepless eye of Ross daly and somewhere there A solo lyra by Psarantonis (music of crete) "cries" through pontos region and japan.



1 PetroLoukas Chalkias - Miroloi me Gyrismata

2 Reasonandu & Adrian Enescu - Peaceful Heart

3 Pink Floyd - shine on you crazy diamond

4 PetroLoukas Chalkias - Skaros

5 Cell -Brother

6 Huun-Huur-Tu & Bulgarian Voices- Legend

7 Serkan Alkan & Burak Malcok - Udon

8 Bahramji & Mashti - Let It Go

9 Makyo - Takshaka

10 Ross Daly & Bijan Chemirani - Gulistan

11 Palyrria - Pangala

12 Psarantonis - Solo Lyra

13 Hiromitsu Agatsuma - Yoakemae

14 Shpongle - Around the World in a Tea Daze (Ott Remix)



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