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So within reason 9and as my dream is getting very close to reality0 I'd like to see what your studio dreams are.


whn finished mine will xonsist of the follwoing hardware, both for my use and also as I will be hiring the studio out:


2xAdam F7 monitors (had planned on Equator Audio D8 but depsite earlier emails they now claim they don;t ship to my country)


1x Mackie mixer (unsure yet how many channels)


1 x DSI Pro 2 as main controller & synth


1 x Virus TI 2 (great for DnB etc.)


2 x Modemachines x0xb0x mk3


1 x Grendel Drone Commander


1 x Roland TR-8 (easy to use and great sound for price)


1 x 15u eurorack (but I foresee I will have 30u total as well as a 9u perfromance system of Doepfer only modules)


Eventually once my busienss is set up and money comes in I will upgrade to proper moniters and hopefully my dream mixing console, http://www.turramusic.com.au/Pages/CatalogueItem.aspx?CIID=7157

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U forget I live in australia. Including postage & correct power supply most x0xb0x are $800AUD++. The modular shop here distributes the Mode Machines one for $449. Basic math really... Synths are super expensive in Australia. As is music, movies etc. Why do you think we have the highest piracy rate in the world? iTunes charges us double what they charge any other country per song.

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At the moment my biggest dream is a studio that doesn't double as my living room.

I have the opposite. Living with my mum and have an out-house studio. But due to my extreme laziness, a lot of the time I can't be bothered to go in there, especially during winter when it is cold. Would love to be able to just get out of bed and go straight onto Cubase, haha.


...And to think that I'm not even a fuckin' stoner. :|

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grendel drone commanders are cool as fuck. My buddy has one and they sound nice!

Dream studio would include :

quiet, acoustically sound dedicated room close to where i sleep

my gear

piss jars everywhere

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yeah was thinking of doing drone's using my future eurorack but dron commander is much better, even opportunity for melodic drones. My euro will be 208hp of The Harvestman, 208 of Makenoise then some Intellijel mixed in and Doepfer for bread n butter stuff. Might consider the suite of Audio Damage FX modules. They're pretty cool

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Well I'm still building mine (still beginning to understand concepts). But so far, here's what's on my list (hardware only):



Elektron Octatrack or Apple Logic X (can't decide between H/W or Software). Time will tell.



Adam A7X Monitors,

Mackie 1604VLZ4 mixer (not enough channels...)

Apollo Quad (Not sure about this one yet, may switch to Motu 16A+Duo/Quad Satellite).



Virus TI2 Rack (in a Virus TI1 body).

Nord Lead 4R

Roland Integra 7

Elektron Analog Keys

Roland V-Synth Ver2

Waldorf Blofeld (Broken Knob, in for warranty repair)

Arturia Minibrute

Korm EMX1 (this thing is awesome!)

Speak and Spell (still waiting to be Circuit Broken)

Volcas (these are OK, may get rid of them, would like a proper TB clone)



Eventide Orville

Kurzweil KSP8

Ensoniq DP4

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As far as the Adama A7x goes I'd seriously consider checking out EVE Audio as an alternative, to my ears the EVE is much clearer and provides a much more organic and even sound. I know it's a silly comparison but it's true.

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