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KAHN - PROGRESSO ESPRESSO VOL.3 - Fall 2014 [Progressive Psytrance]

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Listen & Download here ---> https://soundcloud.com/djkahn/kahn-progresso-espresso-vol-3


The winter season is here again! So come get warm by the fire and pour yourself a cup of Progresso Espresso! After the success of the first edition of Progresso Espresso, I am very happy to present the second incarnation of the mix series. Progresso Espresso is a silky smooth blend of today's deepest and most potent roasts from around the globe. A fusion of specially sourced beans, this mix is guaranteed to make any espresso fan happy! Each roast was carefully selected, only from the most talented and cutting edge organic farmers. Tasters will notice dark, heavy, groovy aromas along side euphoric and uplifting notes. The superb production will be apparent to any espresso aficionado. So come inside, out of the cold, and pour yourself a cup of Progresso Espresso!


Special thanks to all the producers of these fine roasts!




01. Mr What & NitroDrop - Larger Picture

02. Royal Flush - Definition Of Insanity

03. Coming Soon - Psychedelics (Royal Flush RMX)

04. Major7 vs Vini Vici vs Capital Monkey - Mind Games

05. Vini Vici - Expender

06. Deedrah - The Gracenote

07. Flowjob - Half Moon Nanny

08. Flowjob - We Don't Wanna Scare Your Children (Sad Paradise RMX)

09. Tezla - High Voltage

10. NitroDrop - Breakfast

11. Ticon & Gleb Gold - Wonderland

12. Flowjob - Earth Report

13. Talpa - Looking At Ghost

14. Too Dusty - Stardust

15. Fire Starter - Inferno

16. Slinky Wizard - Wizard (Space Cat Remake)


On a personal note I would like to add that I really believe that this music represents some of the best of the best, the cream of the crop, of today's Progressive Psychedelic Trance. For me it is especially nostalgic in a lot of cases to hear sounds that remind me of music that got me into Trance and electronic music to begin with. I am happy to see these characteristics coming back in a new way in today's music. I want to send my deepest thanks to all of the producers who created these tracks. You bring me happiness everyday, and everybody else who enjoys these mixes! Thank you for doing what you do!







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