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Artist: Space Cat

Title: Space Cat - 20 Year Anniversary

Label: Trancelucent Productions

Date: September, 2014


1. Cat On Mushroom - The Fly (Loud and Space Cat Remake)

2. Space Cat & Simon Posford - Invasion (Space Cat 2014 Mix)

3. Space Cat & Shanti - Toki Doki (Coming Soon Remix)

4. Space Cat - Mind Shoker (Bliss Remix)

5. Space Cat - Snorkel Blaster (Burn In Noise Remix)

6. Space Cat - Armageddon (Outsiders & Avalon Remix)

7. Space Cat - The Gate (Electric Universe Remix)

8. Space Cat - Power Up (Space Cat & Audiotec Remix)

9. Space Cat - Exposed (Lish & Space Cat Remix)




"I tried to free your mind...but I can only show you the door."



*Looks at door. Smiles. Bolts through that motherf*cker with middle fingers blazing*









Yeah it was this painful. We all know what this is. Avi Algranati has been around for a long time and has had some good tracks. Let's face it when you're in the business for two decades you're either a big part of it or you just didn't know when to leave. But really...was anybody asking for this? I know now it's his 20th anniversary, but he did this four years ago delivering the full-on remixes of his full-on that nobody was craving. At some point you have to admit you have a problem so you can get help.


Look I'm not gonna lie to you some of the tracks had moments where I was bouncing. But it's Halloween candy in late November. Yeah you'll eat it, but soon you'll look in the mirror and descend into a self hating shame spiral and buy a gym membership that you can't afford and that you won't use. Maybe it's time to stop trotting the old whore out front and trying to make a buck on how she used to do reverse cowgirl.





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