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Gangnia - It Came From The 4th Dimension


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Artist: Gangnia

Title: It Came From The 4th Dimension

Label: Napoli Records

Date: 1997


1. Human Evolution

2. Satellite One

3. Delaney's World

4. Cubic People

5. Monological

6. Visuals

7. Wheel Of Words

8. Wide Eyes Open


One of the most underrated goa trance albums of all time. Why isn't this consistently put on you're top ten list? Is it because they're Austrian? Hitler was Austrian. Are you saying these guys are like Hitler? Oh...no? Just checking.


Holger Buchholtz and Thorstern Jannert are Gangnia an outstanding goa trance project that would later become X.I.S. Their first album is a lesson in dark, hypnotic goa trance. Their palette of sounds isn't the greatest, but it's a great listen all the way though. Until the bizarre, dubby downtempo track that I could do without. Aside from that each track is a pretty storming affair. But don't think you're gonna hop on the net and get it at Amazon, this thing is ultra rare. 1st issue of Superman rare. I'm not one of those guys that would fork over $100 for an album so it's outta my price range.


But maybe if you've got some extra lottery winnings or Grandma's birthday dough stashed away you could get it off Discogs.





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