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Chronos – Spiritus (Mystic Sound Records, 2014)

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A beautiful collection of soft, soothing, and relaxed downtempo and ambient soundscapes by a Russian master of the genre released by Mystic Sound Records!





01. Chronos – Anahata Fire
02. Chronos – Warmth
03. Chronos – Dandelions As Memory
04. Chronos – Mystery Of Time
05. Chronos – Achronon
06. Chronos – Tiempo De Misterio
07. Chronos vs Umka Fx – Pusa
08. Chronos – Big Vargan
09. Zen – Speak Your Mind (Chronos Remix)
10. Chronos – The Bell & Space

Release info:

Mystic Sound Records is happy to present the first part of the trilogy which is going to be released at the label – Chronos – Spiritus. The album consists of ten excellent tracks which appeared in different compilations during the years of Chronos project activity.

Soft rhythms, ambient atmospheres and delicate melodies are what we like so much in Chronos music and they all are present in the album. Live instruments sounds pour distinct power into the music and you’ll hear them in almost each track of the album including Big Vargan track where the project author Nik Klimenko is playing the vargan himself.

You may know well each track of the album but due to the quality mastering by Manifold Studio all the tracks of the Spiritus album have gained new sounding.

The album is available for free download with “name your price” option on Mystic Sound Records page at Bandcamp.

Preview with tracks tags:

Free download on Bandcamp (Flac, Mp3):

Free download on Ektoplazm (WAV, Flac, Mp3):

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