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Nova Fractal - Perplexed Remixes EP


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Artist: Various

Title: Nova Fractal - Perplexed Remixes

Label: Timewarp Records

Date: September. 2014


1. Perplexed (Fiery Dawn Remix)

2. Perplexed (Cactus Arising Remix)

3. Perplexed (Omneon Remix)



Man Renato is making sh*t happen isn't he? Timewarp has become another label that has made a positive impact on the goa scene and that's good news for all of us. Whether it's CD releases or digital EP's that label has become rather vital in a short period of time. The original track by Nova Fractal first appeared on the Future Architecture album from Neogoa in 2011. Then it made it to his Fractal Landscape CD release. It's a cosmic goa trance storming track that is heavy in acid leads. Really good stuff. With this EP some of the next wave of goa trance artists take a crack at it and see what they can conjure up. Can they improve upon an already great track? Maybe. But (personal opinion alert!) why stack the chips against yourself like that? Wouldn't it make more sense to remix a track that wasn't as good? If you make a weak track great isn't that better than making a possibly inferior version of a great track? Eh, like I said just my opinion.


What I don't want to see from a remix ep is f*cking carbon copy tracks. Make it different. Make it your own. Take it in a direction that makes me say, "Is this even the same f*cking track?" And this ep succeeded in avoiding that pitfall. Yeah they all are around the same bpm, but whether it's the intros or the juicy bits in the middle it diverges from the original. The old school pop of the Fiery Dawn remix and the break in the Cactus Arising take are appreciated. Omneon's version is an all out blitzkrieg loaded with acid sounds. All of them have sufficient twists and turns with great layers.


So what you get is three quality goa trance tracks in the modern style that don't sound like three identical tunes. Nice job guys.


Timewarp Bandcamp (Better Deal)







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