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"V/A - Celestial Transvibrations"


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Artist: Various

Title: Celestial Transvibration

Label: Neogoa

Date: October, 2014


1. Protorai - Midst Aetheric Halls

2. Ankrosado - Thing

3. Neuropa - Meganeura

4. What Lies Beneath - Ritual Algorythm (Early Spring Remix)

5. Proxeeus - Mission Atlantis (Alien Voices Mix)

6. Veasna - Quantum Connundrum

7. Arronax - Wings of Laniakea

8. PharaOm - Mighty Sun




Sometimes you have to expand your horizons. Try new things and break out of your comfort zone.


"C'mon Jimmy...just try a backflip."




*flinches* Ooh...nobody saw that.




"I've never ridden a motorbike before. So just, twist the accelerator and I'll go? Wow, that's easy!"









Point is trying new things is usually a good thing. Neogoa is the penultimate netlabel when it comes to goa trance. Their releases are consistently great with a track record that a for profit label would envy. When Ivan hooked me up with this a few days ago I asked him what was the idea or the theme behind this compilation. He told me that he wanted to showcase new artists and for this compilation to go in a darker or more experimental direction. Well mission accomplished brother!


Yep! Well, except that...the mission here was actually you know...accomplished. This compilation is the definition of a pot luck. Minus grandma's runny potato salad. The first three tracks are of the experimental variety with a sound akin to Slinky Wizard, Psychaos or COP. Shout out to psynewser Paul Eye representing on Meganeura. None of the tracks are mind blowing, but they are interesting and they avoid the all to frequent current goa stereotypes. Then you come to the longest track ever released by Neogoa in Ritual Algorythm. Made by another psynews regular ritual_Om this 20 minute effort is a storytelling journey. Not in the melodic goa sense, but in the exploratory mold. Again, interesting to say the least.

And that is the turning point because the final four tracks are what you would expect from Neogoa. Melodic, goa stormers with newcomer Proxeeus kicking the door in saying, "Here I am...love me." Great f*cking track. The last track by former goa stalwart PharaOm was a downtempo goa track that sounded awesomely sinister. If that was the last goa track you made homie, you went out with a bang.

So kudos to Neogoa for showcasing newer artists and sending goa trance in another direction. Neogoa is more than just a netlabel they also seem to find lots of up and coming talent that go on to future success. Maybe it'll stick, maybe it won't, but creativity is the mother of invention. Or some sh*t like that.



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Can't find it on Ektoplazm, where can you download it?

Because it's not out yet. I sent promo package to couple of people (including Mike). If you're interested I can forward you link aswell, drop me an email :)

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Huge update here.



enters new chapter with a fresh selection of previously unreleased Goa trance tracks featuring new and upcoming artists who will present their work on this compilation, alongside with already known names. Celestial Transvibrations is our first attempt to explore oldschool-influenced, more experimental Goa trance music, but yet trying to keep our own recognizable style. This compilation will be available for free and legal download at Ektoplazm.com in next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Mastered samples can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/celestialmaster

01. Protorai - Midst Aetheric Halls (148 BPM)
written and produced by Raziel Anarki (Hungary)

02. Ankrosado - Thing (140 BPM)
written and produced by Andre Rosado (Portugal)

03. Neuropa - Meganeura (142 BPM)
written and produced by Pauli Harju (Finland)

04. What Lies Beneath - Ritual Algorythm [Early Spring Remix] (146 BPM)
written and produced by George Pallas (Greece)

05. Proxeeus - Mission Atlantis [Alien Voices Mix] (143 BPM)
written and produced by Jerome Lesterps (France)

06. Veasna - Quantum Conundrum (145 BPM)
written and produced by Patrick Dinklage (Germany)

07. Arronax - Wings Of Laniakea (145 BPM)
written and produced by Mirza Aljić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

08. PharaOm - Mighty Sun (96 BPM)
written and produced by Oswald Pfeiffer (France)

Compiled, artwork design & concept by Richpa at Neogoa Design (Croatia)


Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios (Belgium)


Released by Neogoa (NEOG033)

This compilation is dedicated to all people who supported us in last couple of years. You are the biggest inspiration in our work!

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I've been listening to Mighty Sun a lot since this album dropped. I think I am addicted to that percussion! In general I felt very inspired listening to these tracks because there are so many different, unique ideas from these artists. Celestial Transvibration really lives up to its promise to show us a different side of goa trance. Favorite tracks on here include Ritual Algorhythm, Mission Atlantis, one of Arronax's best Wings Of Laniakea and Mighty Sun.


Oh and Jiggle of the Meganeura. :)

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PharaOm, oh my!!! "Mighty Sun" - what a beautiful and amazing track and certainly the best down tempo composition I have heard in quite some time. Since PharaOm usually specializes in reckless, fast-paced goa, him slowing things down to introspective levels is pretty impressive but what really grabs me is that in several parts it sounds much like a Tool instrumental and at any moment Maynard's voice could come seeping in like a slow-rolling fog. Great, great piece of work!


And, of course, that artwork, well done!

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I have been spending quite some time stalking Neogoa releases ever since I've passed my anatomy finals a few days ago, and I listened to this one too!

Tracks 7 and 8 are best.


Track 8 is simply amazing! You can feel the warmth of the sun and I smell mandarins for some reason while I listen to this, but that may be the exhaustion taking in. This track is melodic downtempo that just reminds you of hot summer days with a drop of melancholy. I love it. A very unforgetable track! Amazing release!

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After further listening, Ankrosado makes my ass bounce, awesome track!

Best track for me here, really good, the melodic atmosphere in the final minutes remind me Paul Van Dyk - Seven ways which was a very special track for me in my teen years. Good job and I see this artist ever released only 2 tracks so far in his musical career. A nice surprise.
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