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Ancient tribe

Maiia303 – Sky In Diamonds (Ovnimoon Records) Out now!

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Maiia's new progressive goa-trance album released on Ovnimoon Records!




Preview with tracks tags:






1. Sunday Morning
2. Duality
3. Sky In Diamonds
4. Moonlight Pixies
5. Go Ask Yourself (feat. Cybered)
6. Universe
7. Atman
8. Neverland
9. Glory


Release notes:


Bright splashes of stars scattered on the blue-black canvas of the night sky amaze imagination and make you fall in love at first sight. Flashing and pulsing light from distant planets reaches us through the universe. One look at this magic sky and you feel yourself like a tiny drop in an ocean. These are the stars that our ancestors saw. These are the stars that will see our descendants. It is infinite – the sky in diamonds. We can only sing its beauty.
My new album, Sky In Diamonds – is an attempt to convey my admiration for the beauty of this world and the infinity of this beauty. Big thanks to everyone who helped me in creation of this album.


Official pages:





Mastering by Manifold-Studio.com




Useful links:








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cyaneyes    38

Progressive goa-trance...Hm...Sounds sceptic, but after listening i can say its interesting mix of monotonic prog with dynamic of goa-trance.

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desysko    82

Very nice indeed. Quite interesting to hear from the samples on youtube that were posted.

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