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VA Ethneomystica Vol. 2 Compiled by Maiia (Mystic Sound Records, 2014)

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VA Ethneomystica Vol. 2 compiled by Maiia released by Mystic Sound Records!




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Available at the Bandcamp



1. Bioscape – One With Nature
2. Yechidah – Winter Dub Shelter
3. Naturelement – Diviner’s Sage
4. Supersillyus – Touchy Subject
5. Narcose – They Always Come At Night
6. Wolfen Technologies feat. SuKhush – Deep Tone
7. Globular – Initial Conditions
8. Harmonic Frequency – Sun Makes Everything More Beautiful
9. Chronos – Leelah
10.Perpetual Loop – Too Long At The Sun


Release info:

Mystic Sound Records presents a new amazing PsyDub compilation, the second chapter of the long-awaited story – Ethneomystica, which is carefully selected by Maiia!

Eleven talented producers from around the world have joined together to create incredible music for your pleasure. You can find a new musical vision of the Ethneomystica world from such well known masters of sound as Supersillyus, Globular, Yechidah, Chronos, Bioscape, Naturelement, Narcose, Wolfen Technologies, Harmonic Frequency, Perpetual Loop, and SuKhush.

Ethneomystica gives a mind-blasting view on modern electronic music which totally is a fusion of styles combining breakbeat with psychedelic, dub and live instruments, glitch and fat basslines. This is must hear!

Prepare yourself for a journey through the ethno mystical world full of enchanting melodies, groovy rhythms and deep bass.

Comes with high quality analog mastering by Manifold Studio http://manifold-studio.com/eng/ and cover art by Art group Line https://www.facebook.com/groups/325430850881320

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Any comp with Globular AND Wolfen Technologies is worth the listen. Really, really enjoyed Volume 1, this one is sure to be a treat, too! Bioscape, Naturelement, Supersillyus, Narcose....whew, nice looking collection!

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