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Trancentral Four - A trip to goa !


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Recently got my hands off this LP .

Really bought it for etnica's starship 101 but i must say this compilation is above perfect. So many great classics - prana , pollinator (x-dream), transwave.. Just take a look at this tracklist and say this may be best compilation made!


A1 Miranda Timeless Worlds Of Space

A2 Doof Full Moon Over Parvatti

B1 Etnica Starship 101

B2 Amanite FX & Prana Black Rain

B3 Satori (3) Razor

C1 Transwave Cycles Of Life

C2 Green Nuns Of The Revolution Megallenic Cloud

D1 Les Diaboliques Cubit

D2 Arcana (3) Orion

D3 Auranaut, The Groove On Dream Off

E1 Pollinator, The Clone III

E2 Prana Primal Orbit (Tribal Trance Mix)

E3 Shakta Lepton Head

F1 Kode IV Near To The Divine (Official Doof Mix)

Remix Doof

F2 Syb Unity Nettwerk Cosmo Shiva

F3 Bass Chakra 230,000 Miles (Innermix)

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