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"V/A - Flight 604 Chapter II"


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Artist: Various

Title: Flight 604 Chapter II

Label: Zion 604

Date: June, 2014



1. Sykespico - Travelling Fullmoonlight

2. Cymatics - Out of the Blue

3. New Born - A Fairy In a World of Machines

4. Nexus Plexus - Born To The Purple

5. Inner Zone - Disco Valley

6. Libra - Spectradelic

7. OctaPulse - Night Vision

8. Skizologic - Maya

9. Art of Trance Vs. Loud & Domestic - Moroccan Roll (Original Mix)





Even better than purple drapes. This is like getting a supermodel to be your after school tutor. And five minutes into the first calculus problem you find out she just broke up with her boyfriend, always thought you were cute, and really doesn't want to be alone tonight.





Good bye calculus hello anatomy!


I really did not see this coming. The first Flight 604 was fine, but this...Every label has a release that puts them on the map and cements their reputation as major players. DAT had Etnica. Cronomi had Portamento. Suntrip had...well, everything. This is the watershed moment for the gentlemen over at Zion604. After their Phoenix compilation and The Green Room album from Deviant Electronics these guys have definitely hit their stride. Like a three point shooter in a rhythm they're heating up.





Nah, f*ck it they're on fire! Classic arcade game shout out!


Every track is a stomping good journey down goa trance avenue. It's an amazing display of melodies and twirling opportunities. New school? Old school? Hell no this is summer school where class is in session on the beaches of India. It's magical trance that you can't help but get swept up in. I don't recognize who most of the artists are, but it's like going to a new school and finding out everyone is cool. Even the last track which is more progressive than goa. I thoroughly enjoyed dancing to this release and tip my hat to Mr. Perpler for the mastering. The whole ablum sounds fantastic and should be listened to from start to finish.


Don't know much about DJs (except that now apparently Paris Hilton is one meaning your profession just dropped in cool points to about the level of Rosie O Donnell sex tape), but even she could rock a party just by pushing play and pretending to twist some knobs.


Top notch work people and a leading candidate for release of the year.


Zion604 Bandcamp



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I haven't listened to this yet (because of have yet to get it in the first place) but I do recognize one song and that is Art of Trance Vs. Loud & Domestic - Moroccan Roll (Original Mix). It's gotta be one of the best releases in the past year.

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Nexus Plexus kicks some serious ass here... woow! And I can't believe I would ever like a Loud track, but it happened... I like the bonus track very much! :) Other great ones, Cymatics & Libra!!! Only weaker is New Born imo (always just a kick and 1 melody). In total, one of the best ones of 2014 (a pitty, the Israeli post only let me get it in feb, otherwise it would have got points in the best off poll from me)

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