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Artist: Various

Title: Pag Asa

Label: Phonix Records

Date: February, 2014


1. Glitch - Karma Bonus

2. Brain Driver - The Box

3. Remove - Be Water

4. Catarsis - Twisted

5. Sonic Assault - Edge of Sanity

6. Hysteria - Just One Cap

7. Distant Touch Vs. Fright Rate - Hilbilly Stripper (Distant Touch Edit)

8. Disco Volante - Finders Keepers

9. System Sequence - Pag Asa



"The only thing that is karmically potent...is intention."




Everyone loves the underdog. Especially ones you don't have to follow around with a pooper scooper.


"Damnit Underdog, really? You couldn't do that before we left the house?"


Hard not to root for them. Disney built a dynasty betting that you'd do just that. Rudy, Finding Nemo, and somehow they wrung three movies out of the annoying kids playing sh*tty hockey. Point is everyone likes the underdog. Phonix Records shares that mantra although with probably a lot less nazi imagery.


This compilation Pag Asa (Filipino for hope) is a charity album for the victims of the recent typhoon Hiayaan. The artists generously donated their tracks and ll the proceeds go to World Vision, an international children's charity. The best thing you can do is something for others so when they contacted me and asked if I wouldn't mind throwing a review their way it was the least I could do.




"Wrong herr Mike! Zee least you could do iz nussink!"


True. But I'm not a dick like you. You know what hitler means these days? When someone smears sh*t below your nose to imitate your wittle mustache. Karma really is a b*tch isn't it?



So here comes Phonix records about to dive into the deep end where the big boys play. Big Boys like Nexus Media and Timecode. Well those big boys better begin looking over their shoulder cause this underdog just laid the hammer down. Blisteringly good tracks like The Box, Be Water, and Twisted make the ground rumble and will have you running for cover. Just One Cap is another bruising track loaded with Futurama samples and brings to mind the work of Frozen Ghost. And if that wasn't enough they end with an acid barrage of a title track that could've come from Alienn or Ex-Gen.


It's a really good compilation that is very light on filler. Add to the fact that it's for an excellent cause this is win win. I don't know anyone who couldn't use a little karmic balance. So get your wallets out and do a good deed instead of wasting it on yet another Alien Jesus album.




When I say whoa...I...mean...whoa!



Phonix Records



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