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Psytrance tracks that blow your mind!


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Satori- Liquid sky (Sirius Records). Please listen to this 3:30


Satori - collaboration who blowing and killing! Members: Pete Martin (Slide-U.X)- Sean Williams (Process).



All 8 Satori tracks are awesome.

Sean was planning on releasing them all remastered and on a single disk... like 15 years ago.

Never panned out :(


Love Satori

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Projekt Grunberg by Sensient is a monster



+1 :wub:

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Genetic - Transmission

Every damn time for 20 years now :)


GNotR - Rock Bitch

Total Eclipse - Aliens

Chakra & Ago - Insignificant form of life

The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing

Also every damn time for around 30 years. .

There's more, so much more I'm sure.

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