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Sita records presents: Shivax - Victory Anthems

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Agneton    79

OUT NOW!!! Buy at http://beatspace.com/8220/Sita+Records/SHIVAX/Victory+Anthems+/detail.aspx ! :)


Sita Records is proud to present the second album from one of the most upfront producers in the history of Nitzhogoa, hailing straight from Israel, Yanai Jascourt aka Shivax! After the success of his debut album, released previously in 2013 and resulting in a massive amount of succesful gigs around Israel and India in the course of the last year, Shivax acquired the experience to further upgrade and polish his unique productions, allowing him to boost his victorious trance style to a whole new level which will immerse the listener in an undiscovered realm of lush melodies, twisted eastern psychedelics and never-ending amounts of pure uptempo energy. Bigger, better and more powerful then ever, this album is bound to rock your world and change your vision on Nitzhogoa for once and always!

1. Initiation
2. Unknown Source
3. Ganesha Shanti (feat. Agneton)
4. Victory Anthems
5. Acid Horn (feat. Judaika)
6. Filterizations
7. A King's Tribute
8. Agneton - Het Was Zomer (Shivax remix)
9. The Iron Throne

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Richpa    900

Sounds very nice! Full support to Sita and Yanai!

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cyaneyes    38

Just great news! Very like nitzhogoa from this project. Sounds driving and very dynamic. Keep your work, Shivax! With your efforts and other ppl addicted to this fabulous rare style this music stay alive, dont forget it!

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