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[HHCD009] Cybered "ACID BOX" album (Horns&Hoofs Ent.) 2014

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Cybered "ACID BOX"


BUY CD: Bandcamp, Psyshop, Beatport
Release date: 14 July 2014
Format: CD and Digital
Released by: Horns & Hoofs Entertainment
Mastering by: Manifold Studio
Artwork: Ingart Studio
Release/catalogue number: HHCD009

1. "Acid Box"
2. "I'm Bad"
3. "Nobody"
4. "Wild Tuba"
5. "Stalwart"
6. "Analog ID"
7. "Micron Slutterz"
8. Quite K - "Vasya Exhale" Cybered Remix
9. "Kraken" feat. Chumahod
10."Blunder" feat. Eldar Stuff





More info:


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Resurrecting this topic to encourage more people to listen to this beast of an album !

very techy yet atmospheric,remindes me a lot of the triac sound from a few years back.


super album,more music like this please !

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Great album! Easily ranks up there with the Cybered album listed a couple posts above on Ektoplazm. More stuff like this would be Manifold, a Cybered project before he was Cybered. Manifold is more full-on psy but you can definitely hear that future Cybered approach in certain tracks.

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You can't miss with Opsy "New Kind Of Radiation" - very much the same style. Opsy co-produces a track on the "Forget Your Past" album (the Cybered album @ Ektoplazm) and they have remixed each other's tracks a few times. This would have to be one of my favorite Opsy tracks, off one of his early EPs. The sample in the middle is just awesome:


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